New Triumphs in Our Century-old Legacy of Protecting America’s Children

While many people know American Humane Association for our vital work protecting animals, we also lead an extensive array of essential programs and important research designed to resolve, prevent and, ultimately, stop the problem of child abuse and neglect.

I’m proud to share here some of the latest news and triumphs of our powerful work to protect children.

Something Better for Children in Ohio

Differential Response: An alternative approach to child protection that is family-focused and highly effective.

Our child welfare work in Ohio has led to a state bill mandating the Differential Response approach in child services cases.

Typically, when a family comes to the attention of child protective services, there’s an “investigation.” The main goal is to identify a perpetrator and a victim. In some cases, this is the most appropriate approach. But in many cases, Differential Response works much better — here’s one example.

With the Differential Response approach, instead of identifying perpetrators and victims, families identify their strengths and areas of need. Vulnerable families receive much-needed support, and because each family is different, each response is different with this family-friendly approach. Studies show that this approach works in keeping kids with safe and healthy families, and we at American Humane Association are spreading this message far and wide through our Differential Response Initiative.

National Movement for America’s Children

Here’s the Big Question:

How can we ensure that every child grows up healthy?

Along with other concerned groups, we have joined the National Movement for America’s Children to find an answer to this question. This movement involves passionate people and advocates — like YOU— coming together and shaping a national strategy for the healthy development of ALL our nation’s children.

“American Humane Association is proud to join with our fellow founding partners to lead this much-needed movement to drive a national strategy that supports the well-being of children and, thus, fosters the development of more humane, compassionate communities that benefit everyone,” said Robin R. Ganzert, Ph.D., our President and Chief Executive Officer.

We need your help in this movement! Here’s how you can get involved:

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