Our Red Star™ rescue team on its way to rescuing 141 animals

Less than a year after a deployment to Memphis to rescue and shelter animals who were victims of last summer’s horrendous flooding, American Humane Association is sending its Red Star™ Animal Emergency Services team to the River City. A contingent of two Red Star staff and 10 volunteers will assist in the rescue andRed Star Saves Abused Dogs sheltering of 141 dogs who were seized after a routine traffic stop by a Tennessee State Trooper.

The animals, found huddled in a U-Haul truck and a minivan being towed by that truck, were packed in close quarters, dirty, and hungry. Fortunately, these animals will soon be transported to a place of temporary shelter generously donated by a prominent local Memphis family; this same facility was also used for sheltering animals rescued from the floods.

Our Red Star team, along with Fayette County officials and the Collierville Animal Shelter, will work in collaboration with a veterinarian to ensure these animals receive the proper care they need. Of course, we will be there to provide comfort to these animals during this trying time. Because the animals are considered evidence in a criminal investigation, they are not yet available for adoption, but we hope that soon they can find their ways into loving homes.

If you are looking for ways to help at this time, please consider a contribution to American Humane Association to help us as we rescue these precious animals, including travel for our team, medical supplies, pet food, and other items needed to shelter and comfort the animals. Also, Red Star is always recruiting new volunteers to assist in deployments like this and whenever disaster strikes around the country. Visit our Volunteer page to learn more about what it takes to join our team and when we’re hosting a volunteer training in your area.

Please join me in wishing safe travels to our team as they work to help these poor animals in their time of need and please help.

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  1. Dana January 20, 2012 / 1:40 pm

    Please let the public know how they can adopt one of these animals once they are determined to be adoptable. A great way to help is by offering a home to an animal as well as donating money and supplies.

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