A flight to freedom for rescued dogs in Memphis

I’m sure you’ve been monitoringFedEx the progress of our Red Star Rescue Team in Memphis working diligently to care for and comfort 141 hungry, thirsty and frightened dogs rescued from the back of a U-Haul trailer. Now we’re working hard to find them loving homes where they will be given a second chance. That second chance came today for 47 of these lucky dogs, who will be flown to freedom and new homes on a FedEx plane in what we’re dubbing the “Memphis Airlift.”

Suzi Goldsmith, an American Humane Association board member and Director of the Tri-County Humane Association in Boca Raton, Florida, offered her assistance in taking in as many dogs as she could at her shelter, but this presented the unique challenge of transporting the dogs to the Sunshine State. American Humane Association volunteer and American Airlines Charitable Community Advocate Nancy Hummel then reached out to Lisa Daniel, a Senior Communications Specialist with FedEx Corporate Contributions in Memphis to see if anything could be done. With FedEx’s worldwide air cargo hub based at Memphis International Airport, this meant they were strategically positioned to aid in the transport and were more than happy to make a one-time exception to their flight policies and help in any way they could.

The 47 dogs, accompanied by Red Star program manager Tracy Reis, departed Memphis this afternoon on a flight bound for Ft. Lauderdale, where they are being met by Suzi and her colleagues. We are tremendously grateful for the compassion shown by Suzi, Nancy and all of the FedEx family for helping to get these dogs to a safer place. I saw this compassion in Memphis first hand last year when I visited the areas of town inundated by flooding from the Mississippi River; neighbors were pitching in to help their fellow man, and I’m happy to see this spirit of aiding others in need is alive and well in the River City.

While these dogs will soon be airborne, we still need to assist the many other dogs who are still awaiting placement in shelters. Please consider a donation to our Red Star™ Animal Emergency Services team today so we can continue to provide veterinary care, food, and, most importantly, love to animals like these. And though our deployment in Memphis will soon be winding down, please consider supporting our team so that they can be prepared to go wherever and whenever there are animals in need.

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  1. R. Holt July 31, 2012 / 4:51 pm

    Thank you Red Star rescue team, volunteers and Fed Ex who made it possible to save and bring these poor souls to a better place. May the angels watch over you and guide you in the future to help the others who need it.
    Keep up the great work and know that even though we all can’t be there with you; that are thoughts and prayers go with you.Thank you!

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