Red Star to the Rescue!

American Humane Association teams arrive to help in Memphis hoarding case

By Diane Robinson

On September 24, 2012, the Red Star team arrived on the ground in Memphis, Tennessee to take over the sheltering operation for 121 animals from a hoarding seizure at the request of Dr. Jennifer Dunlap. Memphis Humane Society had been working long hours to care for the animals in an emergency shelter while continuing to maintain business as usual at their own facility. The animals were in deplorable condition, hungry, dehydrated, and others suffering from diseases including mange.

This is the second legal case we have worked on together this year. In February we ordered an emergency deployment to shelter, care for and find placements for 144 dogs and one cat who were discovered in terrible condition in the back of a U-Haul truck.

When we heard about this newest hoarding case, the Red Star team hit the ground running, providing daily care and cleaning as well as supporting Dr. Dunlap with the medical care. Over the next few days the animals settled into a daily routine and began to get excited as the volunteers and staff came to their cages to take them outside for some fresh air, exercise them, and return them to clean cages.  All the volunteers have marveled at how quickly the animals have responded to kindness and attention after living in such horrid conditions. It’s truly amazing to watch them adjust and appreciate being around loving people who care for them.

On Wednesday afternoon a court hearing was held to discuss the welfare of the two minor children who were living with the animals in the home of the hoarders.  The owners agreed to forfeit the animals to Fayette County, which immediately transferred the animals to American Humane Association for placement with approved shelters and rescues for adoption.

With the animals’ ownership no longer in question, we immediately began the process of preparing them for the next step in their journey to safe, loving, forever homes. They were treated for worms and fleas, were vaccinated, and are in the process of being spayed/neutered.  Animals are already beginning to find placement at shelters and rescues and will start moving into those facilities over the weekend.

Red Star Rescue has saved and sheltered more than 70,000 frightened, lost, and hungry animal victims of disasters and abuse in just the past five years. When animals are in trouble, Red Star is there!  To help us save even more animals in need, please call 1-866-242-1877 or go to

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