Red Star Returns to Assist Dog Rescue

113Our Red Star Emergency Services team has returned to the temporary shelter to provide ongoing support and daily care for nearly 250 dogs seized in what is believed to be the second largest dogfighting raid in U.S. history. This being our team’s second time deploying to assist the ASPCA with these particular animals all our team can say is, “What a difference compassion can make!”

Our team reports that, “In less than twelve weeks, these beautiful creatures have learned social skills, manners, and most importantly, what it means to be loved and protected. The success stories are endless!” Dogs who cowered in the corner each time a caretaker would come by their kennel are now sitting right at the door waiting for the next moment to be with their new two-legged friends. Older dogs that were used for constant breeding are now enjoying their retirement, and newborn puppies that had not yet had their eyes open are growing up nicely and are healthy, happy and playful!

Andy Bass, our Southeast region program and response specialist for Red Star Emergency Services gave this account about one dog he bonded with:

As I worked into my new routine today, one of the young puppies, who was chasing his thunderball in the exercise pen stopped in his tracks when I came near, gave me a sniff, then ran to the opposite side of the kennel. He then timidly approached me again and took another sniff. As he looked up at me and cocked his head to the side, I realized this was a withdrawn puppy from the isolation ward I had cared for three months ago. When I was here last, I would make it a point to take him out of his cage and carry him under my arm as I did my daily paperwork. Now here he was, healthy and happy, and letting me know he remembered me!

It is moments like this that remind us all of how vital our work truly is. And thanks to the supporters of American Humane Association, we will continue to provide this service to society’s most precious and vulnerable.

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