We’re Teaming Up With Chicken Soup for the Soul To Save Lives

Riley the Pug

Dogs and cats do so much to improve our lives, and that’s exactly what the newest entries in the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series are about:

Chicken Soup for the Soul My Very Good Very Bad Dog, Chicken Soup for the Soul My Very Good Very Bad Cat

Written by Amy Newmark, Chicken Soup for the Soul’s publisher and editor-in-chief, and featuring forewords by American Humane Association president and CEO Dr. Robin Ganzert, each book features hilarious and touching stories about all the very good, very bad, and simply amazing things that our dogs and cats do. Continue reading

2015 in Pictures: Victories for America’s Children and Animals

Caucus of the Humane Bond

2015 was a remarkable year for America’s oldest national humanitarian organization – one in which we touched more than 42,000 lives every minute with lifesaving, life-affirming programs that made a difference for hundreds of millions of children and animals.  Here are just a few highlights of our work that you made possible this year:

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Finally, victory for America’s military dogs!

K-9 Battle Buddy team – Marines Lance Corporal Jeff DeYoung and MWD Cena

K-9 Battle Buddy team – Marines Lance Corporal Jeff DeYoung and MWD Cena

I am thrilled to inform you that the President has signed the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, which means that now ALL military working dogs will be guaranteed a ride home and retirement on U.S. soil!

And best of all, the people who know these dogs better than anyone — their handlers who served bravely alongside them on the hot desert sands of Iraq and Afghanistan and on bases around the world — will be given the first rights at adopting these canine heroes.

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Protecting Those Who Protect Us: America’s Military Heroes

Captain Jason Haag, USMC (Ret.) with his PTS service dog Axel.

Our military programs are led by Captain Jason Haag, USMC (Ret.), our National Director of Military Affairs. Captain Haag USMC works with his PTS service dog Axel, who was named the 2015 Service Dog of the Year at the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards®.

For 100 years, American Humane Association has worked with our nation’s military heroes, on the battlefield and on the home front. In 1916 the U.S. Secretary of War asked American Humane Association to rescue wounded war horses on the battlefields of World War I. American Humane Association deployed to Europe before US servicemen were called to duty, tending more than 68,000 war horses a month. Following World War II we pioneered the field of animal-assisted therapy to help returning veterans readjust to civilian life and to help children of military families cope during their parents’ deployments. Continue reading

Hero Dog Awards showcase power of the human-animal connection

Actress Bindi Irwin and professional dancer Derek Hough present the 2015 Military Dog of the Year award to Sgt. Rambo.

Actress Bindi Irwin, and professional dancer Derek Hough, present the Military Dog of the Year award to Sgt. Rambo at the 2015 Hero Dog Awards.

By Bindi Irwin

This past September, I was invited to participate in a truly beautiful event in Beverly Hills to showcase the powerful connection of animals in our lives – the Hero Dog Awards, hosted by the American Humane Association. I cannot begin to tell you how inspiring the evening was and how many wonderful people were there to celebrate the bond between animals and humans. Continue reading

New White Paper Details Important Role Working Dogs Have in Shaping Humane Communities

Humankind has always had a special relationship with dogs. For thousands of years, they have comforted us, protected us, and given us their unconditional love. Time and time again through the ages they have proven why they are considered our best friends. Yet, not only do dogs serve as our beloved companions, they are also a vital part of keeping our communities healthy, safe and humane. Continue reading