A Tale of Survival

Flame was one of 49 abused cats rescued from a hoarding situation in Bartlett, Tennessee.

Flame was one of 49 abused cats rescued from a hoarding situation in Bartlett, Tennessee.

The orange and white tabby cat with matted fur and bright green eyes was confused when emergency responders donning white suits and face masks came through the front door, reaching for him. He desperately dodged from one soiled surface to another until he was finally picked up by a responding volunteer, placed in a carrier, and hustled out of the home’s interior. Named “Flame” by the volunteer emergency responders, he deeply breathed in the fresh Tennessee winter air for the first time.

Flame, along with 45 other cats and one dog, was rescued by American Humane Association’s Red Star team after the City of Bartlett, Tennessee, requested assistance with a local hoarding case in a residential home.

Like all the animals in the home, Flame had struggled just to survive. The walls and carpet in the small-framed wooden house were stained with urine and feces, and piles of trash and dirty dishes covered the floor.

Flame’s paws were stained from urine and living in his own excrement. In addition, several severe burns covered his back, causing the cat severe pain.

The cats were taken to a temporary shelter, where they were given love, a clean environment, and a sense of relief. As Red Star team members treated Flame’s burns, he began to relax and find comfort in their arms. Although so much has changed for Flame, there is still a long road ahead to recovery.

Flame is brave and resilient, and is living proof that donations like yours save lives. With further rehabilitation and a forever home he will be able to replace painful memories with new memories of love and comfort.

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This year, Red Star will celebrate its 100th year of saving animals like Flame. Over just the past 10 years, Red Star teams have rescued and assisted more than 80,000 animals. With your help, Red Star will continue to strive toward making a better future for our nation’s animals.

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