Battle Buddies deserve better: Update from Capitol Hill


Over the past few days, we have enjoyed productive meetings with members of Congress and staff talking about the fixes for contract working dogs and military working dogs.

These issues are complicated as anything is in the government and defense bureaucracy, but we are working collaboratively with Congress and are so appreciative of the members’ insights and willingness to roll up their sleeves and help. Continue reading

Battle Buddies: A Mother’s Heartfelt Plea



This week, I head to Capitol Hill to advocate for America’s military and contract working dogs – our canine war heroes. I’ll be joined by Specialist Brent Grommet, Corporal Jeff DeYoung, and their battle buddies, with our celebrity champion, Naomi Judd. As we prepare to advocate for changes affecting military and contract working dogs, I am reminded of the healing power of the bond for battle buddies on both ends of the leash. Continue reading

A little paint but a lot of pain: National Fire Dog Monument vandalized!


This morning I woke to the shocking news that our beloved National Fire Dog Monument, created by sculptor Austin Weishel with the support of American Humane Association and State Farm to celebrate the heroism of America’s arson detection dogs, has been vandalized. The beautiful life-size bronze sculpture is now covered in blue paint with hate speech scrawled across its concrete base.

As a national humane organization, words cannot express how heartbroken we are about the hatred shown to the heroes the monument represents: arson dogs and their brave handlers on the other of the leash who keep us and our communities safe. Here are a couple of quotes from two key people involved in creating the monument, and who work with arson hero dogs every day: Continue reading

Be a good egg…buy a good egg! New study confirms importance of enriched colony housing

Be a good egg…buy a good egg!

American Humane Association, the country’s first national humane organization was founded in 1877 around the issue of farm animal welfare and it still remains one of the last great frontiers in the humane movement. But today progress was made as we hailed the results of a three-year study by the Coalition for a Sustainable Egg Supply that confirmed the humane value of Enriched Colony Housing for egg-laying hens, which will help improve the lives of millions of laying hens on our nation’s farms.

Enriched Colony Housing gives egg-laying hens significantly more room than the conventional housing, and provides hens with room to sit, stand, turn around and extend their wings, as well as enrichments such as a nest box, scratching area and perches that allow hens to move about freely and express their natural behaviors. Continue reading

A New Humane Medical Model Proposed


I am delighted to share with you our new research article which was recently featured in the Annual Review of Animal Biosciences.   The article entitled A New Medical Model:   Ethically and Responsibly Advancing Health for Humans and Animals provides for a thought-provoking discussion of how much we have yet to learn about our own health and that of the animals, and how much we can advance the health and wellbeing of all of us through such exploration. Continue reading

Our Top 10 Reasons to Be Thankful this Year

On this special holiday devoted to giving thanks, we would like to share our Top 10 Reasons to be thankful in 2014:

  1. Farmers and ranchers who put the “thanks” in Thanksgiving by going the extra mile to raise their animals humanely.

Some 10 billion animals are raised on our nation’s farms and ranches, yet the vast majority – almost 90 percent – are not provided animal-centric welfare standards beyond the industry standards offered by trade association guidelines and retailer-imposed audits. Our hats are off to those farmers and ranchers who go the extra mile and raise their animals according to science-based, verifiable standards that ensure they have adequate space, lighting, food and water, humane treatment and the ability to express natural behaviors. More than 100 producers on 8,000 farms have joined our American Humane Certified™ program – the country’s first and largest farm animal welfare effort now protecting 1 billion animals. Thank you! And now it is even easier than ever for Americans to make humane choices at the grocery store and to set a humane table this holiday season and all year long. Join us and do your part by purchasing humanely raised products.

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