2013 Humane Scholars Application

Animal Welfare Research Institute

This page is the 2013 application. Please click here to find the 2014 application

Humane Scholar Program – Summer 2013

American Humane Association’s Animal Welfare Research Institute wishes to provide veterinary students with the opportunity to conduct research that enhances the health and welfare of animals. Such research would be conducted under the direct supervision of a well-established mentor and all research is non-invasive (e.g., no induction of illness or injury, no terminal endpoints, no induction of pain). Projects must be completed within 8 to 12 weeks. A final written report, describing outcomes, is required.

Sponsor Information

Founded in 1877, American Humane Association is the only U.S.-based charitable organization devoted to protecting children and animals from abuse, neglect and harm. With a mission of ensuring the welfare, wellness and well-being of children and animals, as well as unleashing the full potential of the bond between humans and animals, to the mutual benefit of both, American Humane Association brings evidence-based solutions and national leadership to issues impacting the welfare of children and animals in society.

Program Summary

American Humane Association will award stipends up to $4,000 to selected veterinary students who wish to participate in animal health/welfare research. Applicants must devote a minimum of 50 percent of their time to the project over the 8 to 12 week period. To be eligible, students must attend AAVMC-accredited institutions, and be endorsed by both their institutions (i.e., be in good academic standing) and their mentors. Prior to receiving any stipend, the student’s institution must enter into a contract with American Humane Association regarding the terms of the stipend. Payments will be issued by American Humane Association to the student’s institution, with the institution to disperse funds to the student. Students must devote a minimum of 50 percent time to the project over the 8 to 12 week period. Projects can involve any species (e.g., dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, wildlife).

American Humane Association has a limited amount of unrestricted funds, as some donors restrict funding to a species, topic, or university. For 2013, donors have indicated their interest in feline health/welfare, but all projects will be considered.

Matching Component

Although not required, institutions are encouraged to match funds awarded by American Humane Association. The awards from American Humane Association are intended solely to be stipends for veterinary students. Funds are not intended to cover project expenses, tuition, or other academic expenses.

Application Process

The following are required components for the application to be considered for funding:

1. Online application (located at bottom of this page)

2. Project Description: 2-page proposal (single-spaced, ¾ inch margins, 12 point font, Times New Roman, uploaded as either Word document or PDF).

A. The summary should describe the project, the student’s role, the mentor’s qualifications, and how the project might advance animal health and/or welfare.

B. Institutional Care and Use Committee approval will be required for all projects involving animals. All projects must be non-invasive. Pain is absolutely not allowed unless it is minor short-term pain (e.g., venipuncture). Induction of illness or injury, and terminal endpoints are not allowed.

3. Institutional Letter: Letter from the student’s educational institute providing a statement of the student’s good standing in the professional curriculum (uploaded as PDF).

4. Mentor Letter: Endorsement letter from the mentor who will oversee the scientific study (uploaded as PDF).

Additional Information

The deadline for applications is March 7th, 2013. Students will be notified by April 18th, 2013 regarding the outcome of their application.

American Humane Association’s legal department will facilitate a contract with the legal department of the student’s institution. Students must provide a final report no later than one month after the project’s end date. The student will receive an initial stipend payment at the onset of the project, a payment midway through the summer, and receive the final payment when the report is received by American Humane Association. Payments will be issued by American Humane Association to the student’s institution, with the institution to disperse funds to the student.

All inquiries should be directed to Scott Sowers by email at scotts@americanhumane.org or by phone at 202.677.4228.


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