Red Star to the Rescue: The Journey to Hope with The Miami 15

Miami 15 Rescue
During the stormy weekend, American Humane Association’s Red Star Rescue team was in action, doing what they do best – saving lives of precious animals. On Friday, Red Star Rescue pulled into Hollywood, Florida to pick up some precious cargo: 15 dogs who were given a second chance at life. The dogs were loaded onto our well-equipped Lois Pope Red Star Rescue Vehicle, ready for the long drive up the coast, hoping to beat the terrible weather predicted on the heels of Hurricane Joaquin.

Miami 15 pup 2The journey met some unexpected challenges as the transport pulled into the state of South Carolina. The engine light blinked, indicating a problem, and the truck died right at exit 42 on I-95. This is relatively new vehicle in our fleet so the fuel pump going out was not in the planning – and of course the weather was not cooperating, with unprecedented winds and rising tides. But these kinds of challenges are routine for our humane heroes, first responders who are used to rescuing animals in natural disasters from hurricanes to fires to tornadoes.

Miami 15 truck

Thankfully, our repair service came to the rescue of our rescuers and also worked through the night to find alternative transportation so that our precious cargo could continue on its way. The repair service had the vehicle towed to a safe place and our Red Star staff and volunteers were on duty throughout the night to ensure the well-being of the animals, staying in the safety of the rescue trailer, complete with generator, water, food and lots of love. The Miami 15 pups reported the following to me on Friday night:

So last night did not go as well as expected but sitting in my crate I was not sure why we stopped… The humans kept coming in to make sure we had fresh water and then we got to go out…

Boy did I have to go… It was raining, but felt good to stretch our legs… I know a couple of us got a little “worried” and after a few minutes we finally relaxed and slept with the noise of the engine and the pounding rain making us all sleepy…

We got up and walked and had breakfast this morning and although we’re back in our crates we are all awaiting what comes next in our adventure…. We love adventures, and we feel hope for the first time in our lives.

Miami 15 pupSaturday came with more fierce weather predictions from our friends at The Weather Channel. Thankfully a new vehicle was provided and the Miami 15 were on their way on I-95 to the final stop in Delaware. Late Saturday with the destination in sight, the Miami 15 were delivered safely, one step closer to their final, fur-ever loving home.

Here’s the most recent report from the Miami 15 pups:

We sure got to see a lot of grass and smell different smells, but water was always falling… The humans let us ride up front for a while (buckled up) and every so often we got to smell the wind and check new places…

We finally stopped and got to ride this thing that made a noise and without walking moved us to a new place we have never seen before… Then we got to run around on grass and check out a new house… Some of us went to one building and some of us went to another. Do they get more food than us in that building?

All the humans seemed tired but we can’t think of why . . . we love these humans!

Miami 15 love

Thank you all from the Miami 15! It’s because of YOU that we were able to save these lives.

Our Red Star Rescue remains on call and on alert for disaster response along the east coast. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by Hurricane Joaquin.

Red Star Rescue. Everyday. Everwhere.

The Miami 15:
Blondie, a lab mix; MacKenzie, a Shepherd mix; Marshall, a terrier mix; Jake, a black lab mix; Bandit, a female Shepherd mix; Sophie, a Jack Russell mix; Hutch, a Great Dane mix; Vanna, an American Bulldog; Lili, a terrier mix; Summer, a Dutch Shepherd mix; Scruffy, a terrier mix; Venus, a black lab mix; Princess, a Rat Terrier mix; Tommy, a black lab mix; Bentley, a terrier mix; Daisy, a mix; and Loki, a Black Shepherd.

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